Coleford Town Council Corona Statement

Coleford Town Council


Covid-19 Update

Note: Please see added Coleford Local Services Link Covid 19 services Coleford April 2020 (as at 30 April 2020)

The Town Council continues to be active, as a ‘Community Hub’, particularly serving the more isolated, vulnerable residents of the area, especially in respect of prescription, and grocery deliveries, as well as other more specific needs, and errands, etc.

Primarily undertaken by a number of available Councillors, and a wider, greatly valued, team of volunteers, who we owe such appreciation to and, just being available, even not used – as yet, is no less valued. A true testimony to a Community ‘pulling together’!

The well-being, safety and security of all parishioners and visitors are paramount, and our offices are available, as a point of contact, by telephone, although still closed to the public until further notice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we continue to work for you, just contact us via telephone: 01594 832103

Office Hours:09.00 am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday

Contact also via Facebook Page, this website or


Out of hours, pleae call the following number: 07754 015292

The Councillors and staff will seek to do all that they can to help, wherever possible, in this continuing, and challenging, situation.

Please keep a watchful eye on facebook, and the notice boards, should you need help, or information, so you know what to do, and who to contact.

Telephone boxes, bus shelters & town centre notice board will be our information places in the parish, and updates will be posted there.

Please follow Government advice see…/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-res…

Coleford’s Resilience Plan is in place.
Coleford community is working together

Our shops are open and have stock on the shelves. Please only buy what you need.

Our Chemists will take calls re: prescription delivery

Ring/email us if we can help and support