Town Council

The Town Council is here to ensure that Coleford Parish is a vibrant developing community which protects and provides for the whole community.
Coleford Town Council aims to ensure
• that the beauty of the town is protected and enhanced
• that the people of the parish receive quality services
• that the amenities the Council provide are developed and enhanced
• that the environment is safe and secure.

The Town Council has several areas of responsibility. It looks after the town centre, Coleford Cemetery, much of the street furniture like benches and bus shelters around the parish and of course, the King George V Recreation Ground. The Council is always looking to improve the facilities and recently has undertaken a programme of improvements at the cemetery which has included creating a natural burial area.  The work of the Council never stops and the council is continually planning better facilities and services for the community.

The Town Council is made up of 13 members of the community who are elected once every four years. The councillors voluntarily give their time to look after and improve the parish. The Council meets on the last Tuesday of each month when decisions are made on what needs to be done. All the meeting are open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Town Council employs two officers, a Clerk and Deputy who are available every working day between 10am-2pm at the Town Council offices, Lords Hill Walk. They are there to answer your questions and try and resolve your problems which could be anything from the need for a new bus shelter to tracing your ancestors buried in Coleford Cemetery.

If you have ever thought of helping your community by being a councillor please call into the office to find out more. It is a very rewarding role which puts you at the heart of your town.

The Town Council raises most of its funds from the PARISH PRECEPT

Every year in December, the Town Council has to prepare and agree the parish budget for the next financial year. No-one likes having to pay for services but without the Parish Precept there are many things that could not happen in Coleford.

The Local Government Act 1972 states how your Town Council will help pay for these. Parish and Town Councils receive no subsidy at all from the Government and the Town Council ensures that money raised from your pocket in this way is spent within the Parish in the best possible manner.

Obviously the office and staff are the highest cost within the budget but the Town Council believes that good value is given for the money spent. Coleford Cemetery also has to be maintained and a contribution is still paid to the Forest of Dean District Council to assist with the maintenance of Mile End Cemetery which also provides for the needs of the Coleford Parish.

The Clock Tower and the area around it are also within the Town Council’s responsibilities along with the King George V Playing field and pavilion. In the current year a great deal of money has had to be spent on roller shutters at the pavilion to prevent further vandalism there. Your Town Council also looks after the benches around the Parish.

It is sincerely hoped that you feel that Coleford really has value for money.