Quotes & Tenders

Tenders are invited for work to be done on the Clock Tower.  All tenders are to be returned to Coleford Town Council by the 21 November.   Please contact Annie Lapington if you require any further information.

Tender for Work for the Clock Tower

Entrance Doors – New water shedding fillet to the bottom rails and oiling of exposed timbers.  Redecorate ironmongery.

Door Threshold – Replace failing cement mortar with lime mortar.

External East Elevation Render – Remove strip at low level to allow damp to dissipate.

Christmas Decorations – Provision of alternative exit route for cables.

Tower Interior – Clear all debris and redundant items.  Ensure retained items are stored appropriately.  (Costs should include any new storage units/shelving).

First Stage Window Openings – Install passive vents in the polycarbonate sheets as short term measures.

Ground Floor Ceiling Timbers – Inspection where they abut walling and repairs as required.

Staircase – Install handrail to upper flight.

External Doors – Provide metal cover for dead bolt housing and repair/replace socket for bottom bolt.

Ground Floor – Improve background ventilation.

Roof Timbers – Inspection where abutting walling and repairs as required.

Second Stage Floor Beam End – Check condition, including where embedded in walling and repairs as needed.

East Elevation Render – Short term repairs (extent depending on confirmation after removal of defective areas).

Plinth (West, South and North Sides) – Remove cement mortar.