Coleford Town Council Grants

The Town Council has decided to revamp its grant system to ensure that it can help more groups and organisations that support Coleford residents. The maximum amount of that can be applied for will now be £2500.00 and any grant over £1500.00 will have to show that it has matched funding. This need not necessarily be financial it could be volunteer activity or material support. The new forms are now available for Coleford Town Council offices  and downloadable from the website. Click on Town Council and see drop down box grants.

Would you like more benches?

The Town Council has allocated funds to install some benches across the parish this year. Can you think of somewhere to put them. We have had suggestions for the King George V Recreation Ground – but where else would you like a nice seat to peruse the view or a quick rest on your way home. Email  or call into the offices with your ideas.

Grants for local groups apply here!!

As a Town Council we like to support voluntary organisations and charities that provide services for our parishioners by giving grants.
This year we have granted £3000.00 for the Carnival of Transport.
£2000.00 to Lakers School Kenya project.
£2000.00 towards the Magna Carta event.
£500.00 to Coalway Early Years.
£750.00 to Forest Bee.
£2000.00 to FoD Athletics Club.
£1500.00 towards the Festival of Words.
£5000.00 to fund sessions of the CAB in Coleford
£1830.00 to Artspace Circus skills project.
if you run an event, a voluntary organisation or a charity that would like a helping hand please call into the Council Offices for further infomration

Lower Lane Development

Last Thursday meeting was attended by over 60 members of the public, there was a lively debate and in conclusion the Town Council objected strongly to this application. To read our objection letter click here 

Forest Foodbank

Coleford Town Council has been chosen as a location for the Forest Foodbank charity. This is a food donation service in order to provide emergency food supplies to people in crisis within the Forest of Dean. Find out more on this wonderful charity here

We are now accepting donations within our normal working hours. If you have anything to contribute, please feel free to come in.

Celebrating Cultural Ties

Councillor Iain Baird has presented the Mayor of Chatan-Cho in Okinawa with a complimentary Coleford Town Guide and a book of photographs depicting the Forest of Dean in all its glory. The visit was in celebration of a school linking agreement that has bought pupils from Japan to the Forest of Dean for the last ten years, and to make plans to bring youngsters from the Forest to visit partner schools in Chatan next year.

Councillor Iain Baird with Mayor of Chatan-Cho, Okinawa, Mr Masaharu Noguni and Mr Keiichi Kawakami, Superintendent of the Chatan Board of Education.

Regarding Full Council Meetings

Coleford Town Council’s Full Council Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 7:00pm. A Public Forum is held at the beginning of the meeting for members of the public to voice their concerns and speak about matters arising. We wish to reiterate that should you find anything within Coleford Parish that you feel needs to be brought to our attention then you are more then welcome to come.

During each month we will be holding Committee meetings as well, these are also open to the public and the Agendas are posted in advance on our window. If you wish to see the dates for each meeting, please consult our calendar on this website.